The 04′ Area Portfolio of Completed and Sold Homes

2014 Goodrich Ave. Unit A, Austin Texas

  2014 Goodrich Ave. Unit B Austin Texas

804 Terrell Hill Dr. Austin Texas

  2905 S. 4th St. Austin Texas

1010 Brodie St. Unit A Austin Texas

 1010 Brodie St. Unit B Austin Texas

2502 Wilson St. Unit A Austin Texas

2502 Wilson St. Unit B Austin Texas

1605 Hether St. Unit A Austin Texas

1605 Hether St. Unit B Austin Texas

 2500 Southland Dr. Unit A Austin Texas

2500 Southland Dr. Unit B Austin Texas

  2502 Southland Dr. Unit A Austin Texas

 2502 Southland Dr. Unit B Austin Texas

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